Why I do, what I do…

So I’ve been looking forward to a long weekend and actually trying to figure out what to do. I spent a beautiful day in the park with my furry children and came home exhausted.image  I sat down to relax and watch a movie. After, watching a movie I do what I normally do and start watching food channels, I just can’t help myself, it’s in my nature. I think about getting up to cook, but I promised myself I was taking the day off, so I resume to channel surf. I get sucked into Julie & Julia movie. I love this movie! Can’t help it. While watching, I take out my iPad and start scrolling through my Pinterest page. I end up on my Recipes page and off I go to the kitchen. An hour or so later, I’ve made muffin doughnuts, Tembleque and chocolate pudding.image.

I get a sense of fulfillment when I’m working in the kitchen, there’s nothing I enjoy more. It’s days like today that define why I keep pursuing this “dream” as some might describe it. Yes, I’m good at other things and can probably make a living having “a real job” as I hear on a daily basis but after making the decision to bake and teach I can’t seem to turn my back on it. I definitely can’t see myself behind a cubicle anymore. It’s the freedom to do what you love, and it becomes it’s own reward.  How can you say no to that.

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A brand new website!

So it’s been a year in the making and its finally here. I’m sure if you tried going to the Tweet’s Cakery website you got the “under construction” page. All frustrations are over as I launch the new site. Please feel free to take a look. I’ve been able to include my classes and you’ll see brand new things come up in the coming month, Thanks for the support!



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Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza

So I’ve gotten into a groove and have been baking steadily which is always good for business. Had fun making this pizza cake, as simple as it might seem I had to think outside the box to make sure everything was edible and still came as close as possible to resembling a pizza. Lots of fun!

I’ve started teaching the Wilton Method of Cake Decorating and actually enjoying it. I never thought of myself as the teaching type, even when friends suggested it as a career. I guess it’s because I love decorating cakes so it makes it easy for me to do. I’ve been meeting a bunch of great people with the desire to learn and can’t stop giving them whatever knowledge I have. It’s the most refreshing feeling. 🙂

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muppet friends cake toppers

muppet friends cake toppers by Yahairam
muppet friends cake toppers, a photo by Yahairam on Flickr.

I just spent a few day making these Muppets cake toppers. Love them! Wish I could have kept them but sadly I had to give them up. Making these reminds me of why I started doing these specialty cakes. I feel like I’m five again and molding with play-dough. It gets my creative juices flowing.

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November Cakes

duckie baby showerbaby shower baby showerSesame Street Face Cakeelmocaketopperbizzaro birthday cake
bizzaro birthday cakeKing of the Hill Birthday CakeKing of the Hill Birthday CakeKing of the Hill Birthday Cakemonster high cakemonster high cake
monster high cakeCigar box cakeCigar box cakeCigar box cakecaptain america shieldcaptain america shield
pink baby shower pink baby shower cake1st birthday cakewedding cupcakeswedding heart cakeminnie inspired cake

So this week was crazy busy. From Sesame street to pregnant cake toppers. Had lots of fun making the Sesame Street cake, I love all those vibrant colors. I had a lot of toppers this week also. I created an Elmo for the sesame street cake, Fashionista pregnant lady for a baby shower cake, duckies for another baby shower cake and the new starwberry shortcake from the Hub. I love being this busy so keep the orders coming 🙂

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Homage to The Black Pearl

Homage to The Black Pearl by Yahairam
Homage to The Black Pearl, a photo by Yahairam on Flickr.

Labor Day weekend is almost over, and relax, no not I. I labored 🙂
Had a fun-filled weekend making cakes. From Hello Kitty, to Minnie mouse and “The Black Pearl” for a sweet sixteen which was celebrated at Medieval Times.
There’s so much detail that goes into a ship that I was a bit overwhelmed and of course the humidity decided to stick around so even with the AC going the cake just wanted to shine, shine shine! Anyway, I think for my first pirate ship, I did a pretty good job.

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fishing boat cake

fishing boat cake by Yahairam
fishing boat cake, a photo by Yahairam on Flickr.

So Hurricane Irene came into town this past weekend and I had two cancellations at the last minute, which isn’t good for business as the cakes are just sitting in my fridge staring me down!
Anyway, this fishing boat made it just in time and floated it’s way to the party. It’s my first boat so I was just going by pictures so not as detailed as I would’ve liked. Maybe I should try fishing one day and I’d getter a better feel for it. Anyone want to take me?

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